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19 years old, recovered. Bisexual. Vegan. Mixed chick. Feminist. Snowboarder. I like books, yoga and avocados. I spend my time drifting and sometimes writing.
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God, Cyanide and Happiness can be on point sometimes.

I’m just really happy right now.

And I’m gonna relish in it.

#takebackthenight was such an amazing and empowering time! I met so many wonderful people and I’m so happy for the opportunity that I had to share the experience with them.
Tight clothes, short skirts or drunkenness don’t cause rape. Rapists do.

So I went to Take Back The Night tonight.
I’ve never been so surrounded by people who understand my experience and dont try minimizing it or making me feel bad. I’ve never been in a space where others are so open in there own experiences. I feel safe, comfortable and welcome. I felt empowered when we walked through campus screaming the chant.
My friend looked at me and said “you are not those tears, girl” and it meant so much to me. And I loved that the speakers didn’t try to delegate who was a victim and who was a survivor. We were all there to support one another and it was beautiful.
I feel so free.

(sorry I can’t rotate the chant photo, but do tilt your head to read it, it is so worth it)


I will always reblog this whenever it appears in my dashboard.

why are some people so hellbent on causing negativity in the people around them? why are there so many people carrying such darkness in their hearts?

I can’t stand it. It makes me really sad and want to just put my head under a pillow

Obligatory i-feel-cute-and-didnt-even-do-my-hair picture of today.

so in order to procrastinate writing my paper

i painted my nails

they’re a lovely shade of purple now. and since i didn’t do anything

they aren’t all fucked either!

Anonymous ━

what is nissis blog? though i dont know enough on the subject of dreads either way, ive always wanted to know WHY dreads are appropriative. thank you!



Nissi is youngblackandvegan on tumblr. If you just scroll through her blog, you’ll find a lot of information on why dreads are appropriative. If anything, just google it love, and stay away from pages that are white-people run and you’ll have an answer.

Or if you don’t feel like just doing the research, just keep in mind that many black people find it offensive and appropriative and drop it there.

what was this about?

someone was asking someone else (I believe it was veganhippie, though I’m not sure) about why dreadlocks are appropriative, so I commented on it, recommending they go look at your blog. At the time you’d had a LOT of posts regarding it. So then they came to me. And I was like. I can’t type all this out, please just go look at her blog.